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About Us

It’s not about money…it’s about freedom.

This is why we’ve developed investment and income-producing products that will time and financial freedom.

Our goal is to help you do more of the things you love, with the people you love, and give to the causes you love.

Our Story

About What We Do & How We Got Here

Our investing and income-building strategies are a result of seeking Bible-based wisdom. Craig Bailey started investing at age 18, out of a desire to help his family.  After a few years, Craig found himself seeking Biblical investing wisdom.  

Craig was shocked at what he found.  The same principals used by the best investors in history, were the principals he found in the Bible.  Principles like diversification, long-term focus, growing your money, and avoiding debt were are few of the values that took Craig from a teenage investor to establishing Green Financial Solutions, a Beverly Hills, CA Registered Investment Advisory firm, that serves people of all income levels.

Unlike most financial advisors who only provide solutions for high net worth investors, Green Financial Solutions has a solutions for experienced investors seeking ways to grow their money or first time investors looking to learn how they can build wealth or increase income. We offer three financial solutions: Stock Funds this is for people that have money they would like to invest, but don’t want to deal with selecting their own investments.  Financial Seeds’ Stock Picker is for investors that are simply looking for a solid plan to help them pick the best stocks on their own. Financial Seeds’ Income Booster is aimed at helping people use their existing talents and knowledge to make the income they deserve. 

For Free Bible-based Financial Advice

Check out our blog FINANCIALSEEDS.NET.  We have some great free gifts for you at the site, including…

  • Done With Debt – Free 28-day devotional
  • Bible Money Makeover – Free 3-part video series
  • $5, 5- Minute Investing Plan – Free plan to help you start investing with as little as $5
  • Faith(ful) Investing – Free 7-part devotional

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