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Hi, I’m Craig Bailey, a lover of God, husband, father, creator Financial Seeds, and founder of Green Financial Solutions.

I started investing in the stock market at age 18.  Before age 30, I had acquired more than $1,000,000 in assets.  In 2010, churches started asking me to share my testimony about how God brought me from poverty, to being in a position to give five-figure donations in my twenties.

To my surprise, most people had no clue God’s word talks about how to get out debt, how to save money, and even how to invest.  Since sharing this message, I’ve had people tell me “my marriage has been saved”, and “I’m now able to give more than my previous annual salary.”

This was the foundation that led me to become a licensed financial advisor, establish Green Financial Solutions in 2015, and share a systematic Bible-based approach to financial freedom.  Since founding Green Financial Solutions, I’ve been blessed to help believers, like you, take control of their money, pay off debt, grow savings, quit a job they hated, start investing, and start building a legacy.  


Here are a few examples of why people found our services valuable:

  • You’re making a good income and want to make sure you’re managing it well…
  • You’re planning to start a family and want to make sure you have a solid foundation…
  • You’ve received an inheritance and want to make sure the money is taken care of…
  • You’re currently working with a financial advisor, but you feel like something just isn’t right…
  • You’ve received a lump sum payment and you don’t want it to go to waste…
  • You’re currently investing or saving, but you feel like your money could be doing more…

Let me tell you what I learned from growing up with nothing to achieving financial freedom.


I know what its like to have no money, and I know what its like to no longer let money control your life. I grew up in California, in a low-income family where our household annual income was less than $10,000.  Now, my wife and I are blessed to be in a position to tithe that amount in a single check.  

On this path God has revealed that there are real rules you need to follow if you want to prosper financially.  These rules have taken a little kid from Bakersfield, California to Beverly Hills.   

As a kid, I didn’t think about money a lot. But, when I would be bussed to school through the nicer neighborhoods I noticed that people were at home during the middle of the day, while everyone in my community seemed to always be at work. We almost never ate out, and when we did, a buffet restaurant was about as glamourous as it got. We went on a handful of “vacations” which were all road trips — and were typically just trips to see other relatives. 

There was even a time when we went on a road trip from California to Texas, and didn’t eat at a restaurant the entire trip.  Instead my parents packed fried chicken and sandwiches, and that’s all we ate on the 2-day road trip.

Every time I heard my parents talk about money it was with a scarcity mindset:

  • “Finish every bite of food.  There are kids starving in Africa.”  This made it seem like food is scarce.
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” This gave the impression that money was very hard to come by.
  • “We don’t have money for that.”  I hard this phrase more than anything.  

Money seemed to control every aspect of our lives, and price was always the most important thing.  Because of what I seen and heard growing up, I wanted to hoard money.  I wanted to make sure I never had to struggled like my family did.  But, I had no clue this was not want God wanted.

My senior year of high school I learned about the stock market and that’s when things started to change.  

Imagine being able to fly private to avoid all the chaos at the airport.  Or being able to travel to a tropical beach just because.  Or just being able to surprise kids with gifts.

Once I learned about the stock market I got serious about investing.  I tried every get-rich-quick investing strategy out there: 

  • Internet stocks in the early 2000’s
  • Penny stocks during the 2008 market crash
  • Stock options during the 2009 bull market

After 10 years of speculating, I learned that investing fads come-and-go,  but fundamental wealth-building strategies stand the test of time.  The fundamental wealth-building strategies are what eventually led me to freedom.

These are the same strategies that helped…

  • A Pasadena city clerk named Evelyn Haley build a $3 million fortune
  • A parking lot attendant named Earl Crawley build a six-figure portfolio
  • A secretary named Slyvia Bloom be in a position to give away $8 million

I can go on-and-on, but the truth is I learned that there are wealth-building strategies that work for anybody.  It doesn’t matter where you come from.  Or what your occupation.  Or how much you make.  

I was shocked to learn that the most successful and counterintuitive strategies came straight from the Bible.  I was even more confused that most of this stuff was never discussed in church.  I literally saw people crying, stressing, and praying about money issues when the answers were there all along.  

When I combined my failed investing experience with wisdom from the Bible that’s when I finally started to experience true financial peace and freedom.

I learned that money or wealth isn’t good or bad…it’s just a tool.  A tool you can use to spend more time with the people you love and give to the people not in position to help themselves.  Or a tool you can use to destroy the lives of the people you love and hurt people around you.  My entire mission is to help more people do the former.



Today, instead of stressing and worrying about money, I get to decide how I want to live my life.  I choose not to buy “stuff”, instead I choose to create memories. 

How would financial freedom change your life?  Would you travel more?  Give more?  Go on more date-nights?  Spend more time with your kids?  All of our “whys” look different, but more importantly, its all possible. 

Personally, I love to create memories with the people that matter most.  I love seeing my daughter face as she jumps on the bed at a five-star hotel on an impromptu staycation.  Or getting a couples massage with my wife at one of the nation’s top rated resorts.  Or showing my daughter how much of an impact money could have when it’s given to someone in need.  

Your view of financial freedom may be completely different.  The beauty is financial freedom gives you the options!  When money is no longer an obstacle you can spend more time doing the stuff you love — with the people you love.

Here are some examples of how other people take advantage of financial freedom:

  • Janet S. takes off 8 weeks a year volunteering in third world countries all around the world.
  • One couple bought a rental property for each of their children that will pay for their college.
  • Another couple has made it their goal to visit the world’s top 100 beaches.

The beauty of having financial freedom is that you can live life on your terms.  No more letting money control your decisions.  

There is a very simple path to freeing yourself financially.  The difficulty is there is so much noise out there trying to get you to try the next hot trend, and before you know it 5 or 10 years have gone by and you’ve gotten nowhere.

Our advice and planning is strategic, easy-to-follow, and proven.  We know the questions you might have…

  • You have money saved.  Where’s the best place to put it?
  • You’ve started putting money into your employer retirement plan.  Is it in the right investments?
  • You want to put money in the stock market.  What stocks are going to help you reach your goals?
  • You’d like to buy rental property.  What’s the best way to get started?

You worked hard to be where you are financially.  It’s time for your money to work hard for you.  We’re here to help you protect your money, grow your money, and enjoy the freedom you deserve.



It’s time to discover what good, hard-working people, just like you, are doing to reach financial freedom sooner than they ever thought possible.

Finally, have the freedom to do more of the things the matter to you. Spend time with family? Travel? Volunteer?  You’ll finally have options!




With Green Financial Solutions Investment & Financial Planning Service you’ll have a friend, guide, and coach showing you each step you need to take to achieve financial freedom.  You’ll get all the tools and resources you need to manage your money the right way. 

This is strategic, personalized advice — we focus on the questions, challenges, and opportunities for your unique situation.

Our sessions are convenient, quick, effective — our goal is to meet with you once a year.  Our virtual sessions are designed to get you the answers you need to get back to enjoying the life you’ve designed. 

This is easy-to-follow — we’ll give you the best platforms you should use, and the exact amounts you need to put away to a reach your goals as fast as possible. 

Green Financial Solutions Investment & Financial Planning Service will show you the little-known rules of money that allow you to grow your net worth and generate passive cash flow.

Milestone #1: Optimizing Savings

Discover exactly how much you should have in savings and the best place to put it.

Milestone #3: Leverage the Market

Use our proprietary stock market portfolios to reach your goals sooner.

Milestone #2: Maximizing Retirement Accounts

Make sure you’re not investing in underperforming funds with hidden fees.

Milestone #4: Income-Producing Real Estate

Generate income from exclusive rental property deals — not offer on popular websites.

The Features of Our Service


Our service is low-cost and simple to get started.  Below are the 4 easy steps in our Green Financial Solutions Investment & Financial Planning Service process:

  • Step 1: Fill out a questionnaire – Once you submit a questionnaire we’ll quickly email you ways we may be able to help.
  • Step 2: Let us know the best time to meet – If you want to move forward with a virtual meeting you’ll be able to use our online form to share your availability.  You’ll be asked to make a small one-time $49 payment when submitting your availability form.  This ensures we only schedule meetings with individuals who are serious about their financial future.
  • Step 3: Discovery virtual meeting – This is a meeting to discuss your goals, desires, and finances in more detail.  This gives us the information we need to create your personalized plan.  We’ll share details on how we can help you get closer to financial freedom.  If you like our plan and strategy you’ll be asked to sign our agreement and pay our one-time planning fee of $497 (the $49 deposit will be credited to this payment.)
  • Step 4: Plan Implementation virtual meeting – At this meeting we’ll review the plan we create for you and discuss our recommendations.  We’ll work with you to set up all necessary accounts.  Follow the meeting, we’ll send your financial plan. 

We’ll reach out to you annually and give you the opportunity review your investments and update your plan.  You can click the questionnaire button below to get started.


Phone: (424) 253-6486



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