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What if you could invest in companies like Google, Facebook, or even Amazon — with just $200 per month?

If you’d invested just $1,500 in each of those companies five years ago, you’d have more than $10,000 today.  And those are only a few of the companies that will be part of your investment portfolio.

On top of that, imagine owning a rental property that pays you an extra $600 per month.

What kind of impact could this have on your life?  You’d have the money you need to travel and spend more time with friends and family.  But, most importantly you’d be in a position to help so many other people.

This doesn’t have to be just an imagination. You can make all of this a reality today.

Introducing Wealth Roadmap, GFS’s financial planning and investing service. The only financial planning service that offers real estate and stock investing strategies that are guaranteed to take you from being just a saver to having true financial freedom.

Get top-rated investment service on an award-winning investment platform

You deserve someone that you can trust.  Trust is the number one reason why GFS has a 5-star rating on Yelp.   

You also deserve to access your money whenever you want.  With GFS you can access your portfolio 24/7 from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Plus, your money is safe and secure.  As a member SIPC, the securities in your account are protected up to $500,000.

Here are a few client Yelp reviews…

Erika G.

“I have and will continue to recommend Craig and GFS to all my friends and family.”

Evelyn P.

“He has made me feel very comfortable about my finances.”

Jeremi D.

Once learning what you’ve learned and earned from Craig, you’ll want to share the knowledge you learn with those you love.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Make a small $29 deposit and submit online questionnaire

We'll have an in-person meeting or call to discuss your unique financial goals

Start investing and you'll be able to access your account 24/7 from anywhere

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to gain the money and time freedom you know you deserve.

Most people are struggling and living check-to-check.  Their relationships are suffering, they are dealing with stress, and worst of all they may be forced to wake up every morning, sit in traffic, and go to a job they hate — just to pay the bills.

You don’t have to live like most people.  Don’t you think you work hard enough?  Make your money work for you.

You can make money while you sleep.  You can go through life stress-free knowing you have investments that are constantly making you more money. You can have your own investment advisor to do all the research for you to make sure you’re using only the BEST investment strategies.

Don’t go through life with your fingers crossed.  Don’t take the scary risk of putting your entire livelihood on a job that can go away at any moment.

If you really want to live life on your terms, and if there’s something inside of you saying there’s got to be a better way, it’s not an accident you’re reading this today.

Now is the opportunity to change your life.  Get started today.



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  • Personal Registered Investment Adviser
  • Dynamic Rebalanced Portfolio
  • 401k Advice
  • Periodic Financial Checkups
  • Full Financial Plan
  • Tax Reduction Strategy
  • Financial Decisions Support
  • Accountant Support
  • Award-winning investment platform

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